Argo ship

The argonautica

"So who were arrayed Aisonidi companions . αργοναυτική εκστρατεία
Neighbors selectively Minyans they said,
all without distinction, because most capital gains,
and were most-kafchiountan's daughters
Minyans who held the 'once and he himself
Jason mother was the granddaughter of Minyans, daughter
daughter of Clemene Alkimeda "
Rodiou Apollonius, Argonautica, Song I, f. 230 -236

Jason asked his cousin to the Argos shipbuilder to build the ship, which will go to Colchis.

The ship, built by Argos, the son of Phrixus, from which it got its name,''Argo''. It was made from trees of Mount Pelion, under the guidance of the goddess Athena. Had fifty oars and stern Athena had put a piece of the sacred oak of talking Dodonon.

Jason called Hercules, who had only to complete the feat of Erymanthoy boar, to take leadership [Jason Argo], but not consent.
Having moved from Lemnos, Samothrace, Cyzicus (which by a tragic misunderstanding Jason killed his namesake King), the Mysia, the countries of Vevrykon and Mariandynon, after Phineas acquitted by the Harpies, and having passed through the advice of the seer Phineas, with no damage, Symplegades Bosporus arrived in Colchis

The Aeëtes as she heard that I was looking for Jason the Golden Fleece, instructing him to zepsei wild bulls and sow the land, which tended to dragon teeth, to give him what he was looking. By the time Jason started to execute the order Aetes, approached the Medea, the daughter of the king who was loved and advised what to do to succeed.αργω μυθός

After ezepse bulls sowed dragon's teeth, from where they began to grow inexperienced warriors armed with spears and shields. Jason hid behind a rock and threw a stone among them. The warriors began fighting until all were killed. But Aeëtes refused to give Jason the skin, although his promised. So the young man with the help of Medea and Orpheus his friend, argo mythpige the sacred forest of Mars, which was the golden skin and a terrible dragon who was guarding. Medea approached and the curse of the beast imerepse and Orpheus with his song and lyre in falling asleep. argo myth

So Jason got his skin and quickly, with Medea came aboard and started the return trip.
Legend says that Medea was a witch, stole his brother Ιασονας Αργω Jason in the Argo Apsyrto and later killed him and cut pieces thrown into the sea, to employ her father, who persecuted them, and make him late picking up all pieces of the hapless child.

When removed from the Argonauts to Colchis, they proceeded to the north to return to Greece from another street because the blind prophet Phineas had warned would be destroyed if followed the same path that had been done to reach Colchis.
But the Argonauts were hoping terrible suffering because the gods were angry with the unjust murder of Apsyrtou and had decided to prevent their return to Iolkos. With the help of Thetis rescued from the Scylla and Charybdis, with the help of Triton arrived after myriad adventures in Crete.

After further adventures, and Zeus was angry Σκύλλα Χάρυβδη Τρίτωνας Scylla Charybdis Triton on crime and constantly sending more storms, and having experienced the Talos in Crete, threatened the Cretan Sea. Jason begged Apollo to show them the door. Actually, the god of light epakouse the prayer of the hero and sent a beam which led to one of the Sporades, where then found their way to Iolkos.

Χρυσόμαλλο Δέρας Golden Fleece Jason, having taken as his wife Medea, Pelias delivered to the Golden Fleece.